Dojo's instructors

Nebi Vural sensei, 7th Dan

Nebi Vural sensei

The Sensei of Aikido Israel dojo

Nabi Vural Sensei, 7th Dan from France is the Sensei of Aikido Israel.

The way he describes, technically and spiritually, setting the style and the interpretation, is the way the dojo follows.

Nebi Vural Sensei gives classes in his own dojo in France during the week and on the weekends he regularly gives seminars in France and in other countries.

He is the technical consultant for the French Aikido Federation and holds a French government diploma for Aikido. He also serves as technical consultant to a number of other aikido federations. He has the highest ranking of a Turkish aikido instructor and is known around the world for practicing precise, realistic and traditional Aikido.

Gidon Hover, 7th Dan

Gidon Hover

Dojo's senior instructor

Began studying Aikido in 1982 with teacher Eitan Ben-Meir.

"At that time I wanted to learn some martial arts. I stumbled upon Aikido by accident at the first week Eitan came to Israel after an extended stay abroad. Looking back, my start seems a rare event, because then we were all beginners, there was only a single teacher and no natural generations of students and teachers at different levels as in every dojo."

"Since, I continued to study and later to teach Aikido which is, of course, not only physical activity for me, but a combination of physical development, spiritual and philosophical one. Over the years I was exposed to various methods and teachers of Aikido and now I see myself associated with the stream represents Tamora Shihan and his senior disciple Nabi Vural sensei which comes to Israel regularly for seminars and exams of senior ranks."

Michael Margaliot, 4th Dan

Michael Margaliot

Studying Aikido since 1986

"I started studying Aikido, after seeing an advertisement on a billboard, in 1986. The teacher was Eitan Ben - Meir who was in his 40s. I remember being amazed that a much older person (from my perspective at the time) could be so strong and flexible."

"My experience has since taught me that practicing Aikido is good for body and soul."