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Terms of use

Using of this site is the responsibility of the user alone.

Site Aikido Israel (hereinafter - the site) will not take any responsibility for any consequence either direct or indirect damage of any kind resulting from use of the information on this site at all, and information related to martial arts and Aikido in particular.

Use of information on this site is informative only, does not constitute professional advice of any kind and requires further testing and counseling specifically. Use of the information mentioned above, is the sole responsibility of the user information.

Naturally, this site should not be specified directly or indirectly for review or advice of any kind whatsoever. Anybody using the information contained on this website does so at his own responsibility.

This site contains links to other web sites (hereinafter - third party sites), where the site has no control over the content contained on those sites. The site is not responsible for the content of third party sites and shall not be links to third party sites as authorization, recommendation, or favoring by the Israeli Aikido those sites, including the information contained in, or operators of the site and the products offered to them.

Site managers, authors, operators and other role issues, whether directly or indirectly, do not bear any responsibility for any action, the result, directly or indirectly, due to the use of information found in this website.

Use of this site is subject to Israeli law. Any dispute either claim arising in respect of the use of information presented on the site either against the site owner will be heard in a court in Tel Aviv - Jaffa.

Usage is subject to all of the above, be deemed consent to the above.

Privacy policy

Aikido Israel site respects the privacy of its users. When you use the services of the site no information about you is collected.

If in the future data gathered will be by the site, it would be of statistical nature will not identify the user personally.

The site will allow delivery of information to third parties only in the following cases:

  • If carried on illegal activities.
  • If you received a court order to hand over the details or information about you to third party.
  • If the organization sells or transfers in any way the site for any corporation, or should it merge with another entity, or merge the operation of the site with third party activity, provided it receives the corporation itself to this privacy policy.

In any case it will be significant changes in policy provisions relating to use of personal information provided by you, will be posted on the home page of the site.

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